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With many ambitions and growing responsibility, it’s never easy coordinating large parties whether they are reoccurring or completely new. Recently Heartland Core Wellness has combined a once reoccurring party, namely the Red Carpet Event, with something completely new and it couldn’t be more exciting. Still, the work remains plenty. The coalition has been very fortunate to have participated in dozens of meetings and appearances over the years. Just in 2017 alone, we hosted a Chamber Luncheon, participated in the Highlands Art Festival with two booths, and even presented at the 2017 Child Protection Summit with the members of Acting Out — which is the coalitions’ youth activist group.

Heartland Core Wellness has been fortunate enough to support and provide initiatives that have now become staples of the Highlands County community and beyond. You may have attended one in the past and didn’t realized it at the time but almost everything local that Heartland Core Wellness puts on is reoccurring; BACKCHAT, the NOPE Candlelight Vigil, our Coalition Workshop and Operation Medicine Cabinet are all events are all events that take place around the same time every year and of course there are our pop-ups and others that are more sporadic, but you can always count on us to be there.

One of the sweetest times of the year for the organization some would say is the Red Carpet Event. Previously this couple of hours consisted of a movie shown at the beautiful Circle Theatre downtown, with candy and popcorn, themed games in the lobby, and of course a red carpet with it’s very own paparazzi behind a velvet rope. Feature presentations have included The Goonies, The Lion King, and BIG which come on… Who wouldn’t want to see those on the major screen!? Turnout was terrific and families loved sharing these moments together.

In 2017, however, the coalition did some self assessing which lead to changes for our coalition. At the beginning of the year, Red Carpet Event discussions bubbled … “To be or not to be?” As internal changes took effect, genius struck! Acting Out was onboard to make magic and all was settled, until funding became a serious concern. One word: Telethon; And the rest became clear. Soon plans were underway to decode an ancient technique known only to the few who viewed mainstream television when land lines and phone calls were extremely popular.

Now on course for an extravagant night filled with fantastic people and special moments provided by Acting Out and area talent, The Red Carpet Telethon combines past sentiments of days spent watching shows as a family while supporting a cause along the way. February 3rd, 2018 is the date to save and we can’t wait to see you there.

Please contact Heartland Core Wellness by phone or email if you would like to receive an invite or are interested in supporting our mission and vision in another way. Also talent is forever welcomed and sponsorships opportunities are available. Stay close.

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